frozen transitions iii for inside piano, amplified objects & real-time electronics

Frozen Transitions III for solo piano, is part of a series of composition from “In-Between”, a collaborative project for images and sound, by Jesus Acosta Rodriguez and Heather Frasch. Both artists, one through images and the other with sound, explore the in-between moments and combined energies that resonate when structures are abandoned and the organism that surround them begin to infiltrate the decay.

The structures continue to vibrate in the emptiness. Their quiet resonance is heard in the stillness. Meanwhile, the powerful force of nature, with its unhurried pulsations, slowly permeate  the space. These two energies, one in decay and the other invading, mix and resonate together, creating something new, a dance between what is dying and what thrives in its place.

Premiered in the BKA Series in Berlin, Germany in collaboration with Andrea Neumann. 2015