flute /// laptop & electronics /// objects

Less Than words can Say by Audra Wolowiec /// Realized by: Heather Frasch (flute) ///
Studio 8, Berlin 2016

Repetition Variation 1.2 by Sarah Hughes /// Realized by: Lan Cao (objects), Heather Frasch (sine tones & object speakers), Joe Houston (piano), Felicity Mangan (objects) & Brett Thompson (guitar) ///
Vibrant Matter Series, Berlin 2017

    Collaboration with sound poet lo wie || Berlin and London 2017

    Selected Solos:

    • weaving broken threads for solo composer-performer for digital cigar boxes, objects and strings
    • fragile volatility: series of solo flute compositions for composer-performer-

    Selected Collaborations:

    • duo with lo wie
    • pneuma : Flute, Heather Frasch /// Trumpet, Axel Dorner //// Tuba, Max Murray  
    • reductive journal ensemble with: Ryoko Akama (objects, electronics), Daniela Cascella (voice, objects), Heather Frasch (flute, objects), Jürg Frey (clarinet), Bruno Guastalla (cello, bandoneon), Sarah Hughes (objects, zither), Daniel del Rio (turntable), David Stent (objects, guitar), Manfred Werder (traces)
    • post music with Lucio Capece /// Heather Frasch /// Joseph Kudirka /// Koen Nutters
    • les soeurs sonores live electronic / laptop duo with Evelyn Ficarra 


    information on upcoming performances: here