Performance | Exhibition Selections:

Upcoming: new work for kinetic sound objects, boxes and shadows for Quiet Music Ensemble. Cork, Ireland 02.2019


  • solo for kinetic objects /// Labor Sonore, Kule, Berlin 10.19

  • weaving broken threads for digital boxes and solo performer /// Ausland, Berlin 05.19

  • duo for kinetic objects /// Post paradise Series, Birmingham UK 05.19

  • Composer Portrait Concert with Ensemble /// Chicago IL 04.19

  • Duo with Max Murray for flute and tuba /// The Bridge, Charlottesville VA 03.19

  • new work for kinetic sculptures and shadows /// Cork Ireland 02.19

  • Telematic concert with Myra Melford and Evelyn Ficarra /// University of Virginia and CNMAT 01.19

  • Duo with Axel Dörner Vibrant Matters Series /// KM28 Berlin 01.19


  • Unfinished Descriptions Exhibition and Performance /// KM28, Berlin 12.18

  • "to capture a transition" score for Unfinished Descriptions Exhibition /// Hundred Years Gallery, London 09.18

  • duo for kinetic objects and text with Koen Nutters /// Control Mod, Brooklyn NYC 10.18

  • trio for kinetic objects, text and sounds with Eric Laska and Koen Nutters /// VOX, Philadelphia 10.18

  • weaving broken threads for digital boxes and solo performer /// Technosonics Festival, The Bridge, Charlottesville VA 09.18

  • slightly shifting, for 2 violas, bass clarinet and double bass /// KULE, Berlin 08.18

  • new work for München for objects, voice and instruments, with Koen Nutters, Christoph Nicolaus and Rasha Ragab /// Klang im Dach, Munich 08.18

  • "the sound of objects..." performed by Dante Boon and Rishin Singh /// Berlin Composer Concert, Berlin 05.18

  • mumei publishing SIX release concert with Josepf Kudirka, Rebecca Lane, Koen Nutters and Seji Morimoto /// Echo Bucher, Berlin 05.18

  • Untitled #20 Choir Piece by Christian Kesten. /// Maulwerker, Balhaus Ost. Berlin 05.18

  • Solo for miniature kinetic sculptures /// Kaffee Matthews, Berlin 03.18

  • mumei publishing SIX release concert with Ryoko Akama /// DNK Days Performance Presentation #1, Amsterdam 03.18

  • solo for miniature kinetic sculptures and shadows. Score by lo wie/// Tahti goes underground PYP PAP Series. Berlin 03.18

  • Realizing Scores by Peter Ablinger, Nomi Epstein and Audra Woloweic /// Vibrant Matter #5, Studio 8. Berlin 03.18

  • The sound of objects helps me remember /// Midnight Sledding Group, San Diego, CA, USA 03.18

  • post-music site specific concert. Realizing scores by Koen Nutters and lo wie /// Berlin 02.18

  • CTM Berlin FIVE by Rashaad Newsome /// CTM Festival, HAU2, Berlin 02.18

  • FIVE Germany by Rashaad Newsome /// Kampagnel Hamburg 01.18

  • summer, winter, spring multimedia work for real-time video, dance & interactive sound with Ian Winters and Evelyn Ficarra /// Minnesota Street Projects, SFArtsEd Gallery, SF, CA 01.18


  • still & stretched:a mute tumult of memories for digital boxes and chamber ensemble with Adapter Ensemble /// Adoption Series, Berlin 12.17

  • The sound of objects helps me remember... Performed by Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble /// Ftarri Record Shop, Tokyo, Japan 10.17

  • weaving broken threads for digital cigar boxes & thread /// Ausland, Berlin 10.17

  • less than words can say by: audra wolowiec for solo flute /// KuLe Labor Sono, Benefit Concert for Mexico, Berlin 10.17

  • Duo with lo wie. Scores by lo wie, Ryoko Akama and Heather Frasch/// Hundred Years Gallery, London 10.17

  • Scores by Ryoko Akama and Heather Frasch /// Vibrant Matter Concert # 3, Studio 8, Berlin 10.17

  • Record Release by Koen Nutters with Koen Nutters and Rebecca Lane /// O'Tannenbaum, Berlin 10.17

  • Scores by Heather Frasch and lo wie, with lo wie, Manfred Werder, Koen Nutters /// Site specific concert, Berlin 08.17

  • namsan concert #25 - Pieces: htmnp by lo wie, komaba and other places by Simon Roy Christensen, 3 ausführende seiten 152-153 by Manfred Werder, intemperie #14 by Nicolás Carrasco Díaz, kitchen (poem) music by Ryoko Akama with lo wie and Brett Thompson /// Mariannenplatz, Berlin 08.17

  • Cloud Scissors _ trans by lo wie with Manfred Werder, Johnny Chang & lo wie ///Vibrant Matters Series #2, Studio 8, Berlin 08.17

  • Scores by Ryoko Akama with Ryoko Akama, Lucio Capece, Koen Nutters & lo wie /// Site specific concert, Berlin 08.17

  • namsan concert # 24 Pieces: htmnp by lo wie, 2 ausführende seite 551 (Manfred Werder), paper scores by Joseph Kudirka with light by lo wie with lo wie /// Körner Park, Berlin 08.17

  • namsan concert # 21 htps by lo wie, komaba and other places by Simon Roy Christensen, htmnp by lo wie, CLOUD SCISSORS by Heather Frasch + lo wie with lo wie /// Treptow Park, Soviet Monument. Berlin 07.17

  • Scores by Sarah Hughes and Alison Knowles /// Vibrant Matters Sound & Object Series #1. Studio 8, Berlin 06.17

  • vocal choir piece by Christian Kesten /// 3am Series. Berlin 05.17

  • the sound of objects helps me remember for objects & electronics with Evelyn Ficarra /// Studio 8, Berlin 05.17

  • trio with Axel Dörner and Annette Krebs /// Liebig 12 Gallery, Berlin 04.17

  • post music /// Liebig 12 Gallery, Berlin 04. 17

  • Architectural Model Making 1.2 by Sarah Hughes /// Studio 8, Berlin 04.17

  • a proposal_five (jimi no assemblage) by Ryoko Akama and "for George Brecht” by Mark So with post-music /// Glissando Journal Release Event. Errant Sound, Berlin. 02.17

  • "summer, winter, spring" live film, dance, sonic objects and laptop/ live electronics with Ian Winters, Evelyn Ficarra, paige starling sorvillo, Mary Armentrout /// Milk Bar, Oakland, CA 01.17


  • On Bare Trees and Everybody Do This by: James Saunders with: Maulwerker, Joanna Baille, Boris Baltschun, Chico Mello, Annette Krebs, Heather Frasch and Koen Nutters. /// Labor Sonor, Kule, Berlin. 11.16.

  • Sextet by Taku Sugimoto with: Lucio Capece, Johnny Chang, Koen Nutters, Wakana Ikeda and Yoko Ikeda. /// Studio 8, Berlin, Germany. 10.16.

  • "less than words can say" by Audra Wolowiec. Solo Flute. /// Studio 8, Berlin, Germany. 05.16

  • "less than words can say" by Audra Wolowiec and New Work by Ryoko Akama. Solo Flute. /// Festival of Improvisation, mumei journal performance and exhibition, Wroclaw, Poland. 06.16

  • Reductive Journal FOUR exhibition and concert, with Ryoko Akama, Lucio Capece, Heather Frasch and Koen Nutters. /// Echo Bücher, Berlin, Germany. 05.16

  • Reductive Journal FOUR, Promotion concert with Max Murray and Matthew Goodheart. /// Open Studios, NYC, NY. 01.16