Chamber Music (+ electronics)

“I touch what I cannot quite reach…” for kinetic sound objects, boxes and shadows | 2-4 Performers (2019)

slightly / shifting for 2 Duos {Duo 1: Two Violas | Duo 2: Bass Clarinet and Double Bass} (2018)

still & stretched: a mute tumult of memories for flute, clarinet, harp, percussion & digital boxes (2017)

quivering for saxophone, electric guitar, double bass, piano & percussion (2016)

the sound of objects helps me remember: text scores for performers and objects (2017)

"The ceiling was breathing. It bulged & receded." for chamber ensemble (2016)

interacting with infinity for chamber ensemble & real-time electronics (2012) 

"the silence that reigns..." for large spatialized ensemble (2011)

sonic fabric for flute, accordion, violin, cello & percussion (2012)

collage for baritone voice, clarinet, trumpet & trombone (2011)

to disassemble & reconstruct for clarinet, oboe, saxophone, viola & cello (2010)

Segmented Fragmentations for flute, clarinet, violin, cello & percussion (2008)

Web of Welded Connections for voice & chamber ensemble (2008)

to wrest unknown vibrations for two bass clarinets & trombone (2007)

sept biospheres vivant dans un marais for 7 cellos (2006)

Solo/Duos (+ electronics)

borrowed words for solo performer with miniature kinetic sound sculptures (2018-2019)

weaving broken threads for digital cigar boxes & thread (2017)

duo I for bass clarinet and double bass (2017) Listen


  • frozen transitions I for piano, flute & real-time electronics (2014)

  • frozen transitions II for flute & real-time electronics (2015)

  • frozen transitions III for inside piano, amplified objects & real-time electronics (2015)

quietly breathing for solo bass clarinet & real-time electronics (2012)

métal re-sculpté II for two bass saxophones (or 2 baritone saxophones) & real-time electronics (2010)

métal re-sculpté I for tubax (or baritone saxophone) & real-time electronics (2009)

entangled strife for accordion & recorder (2009)

sans histoire for cello and electronics (2005)

les ephemeres atmospheres for alto flute, guitar and electronics (2004)

Electro-Acoustic & Multimedia Works

summer, winter, spring for real-time video, dancers, laptop performers & amplified objects (2017 & 2018)

sonic postcards series of miniature compositions for email (2010 - present)

mechanical works electro-acoustic composition (2006)

kling, klong, ... electro-acoustic composition (2004)


sense boxes: interactive installation for small boxes, fabric, sensors & electronics (2014- present)

crackling: performative installation for electronics, paper & speaker objects. Firminy, France (2013)

fragile quivers: 7 channel installation for piccolo sounds and sine tones. Milk Bar, Oakland, CA (2011)

post-industrial organisms: interactive installation for metal sheet, brushes & motors. CUNY, NYC (2010)

sound garden: collaborative outdoor installation for speaker objects and sounds. Cal Day, Berkeley, CA (2007-2010) 

indoor sound garden: collaborative installation for speakers and room, Bruce Nauman Opening, Berkeley, CA (2008)