post music

with Lucio Capece /// Heather Frasch /// Joseph Kudirka /// Koen Nutters

Post-music explores the (im)possibilities of its own title.

Post-music searches for where the borders of music might lie. It wants to know what that something is, when/if it’s no longer music. Post-music is interested in emphasizing the non sonic elements of music, sitting comfortably in asking questions whose answers are seemingly ambiguous to create new experiences.

Post-music is interested in working with like-minded composers and artists who further their investigations. 

  • “a proposal_five (jimi no assemblage)” by Ryoko Akama  
  • “for George Brecht” by Mark So.
  • Remembering with Objects by Heather Frasch
  • Handmade Paper Score by Joe Kudirka

Post Music @ Errant Sound
All pictures by Golo Föllmer