Segmented Fragmentations for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano & vibraphone  

Segmented Fragmentations eschews traditional linear thematic development by dissecting, juxtaposing, and superimposing an amalgam of various musical cells, thereby producing a vibrant kaleidoscopic landscape of colors and timbres. Overlapping musical material results in a congested surface, which is fitfully disrupted by periods of silence. Theses temporary ruptures in an otherwise dynamic surface texture of microclimates demarcate phrases and larger sections of the entire piece. The gestural and textural materials for the piece were derived from a visual collage that the composer originally created as a score for improvisers, now orchestrated as a way to gain a better understanding of these visual textures and in hope of finding a connection between sound and image. 

Premiered by Berkeley New Music Performers, CA, USA. 2008