still & stretched: a mute tumult of memories for chamber ensemble and digital boxes 2017

Inspired by the writings of Gaston Bachelard, who uses the memory of “houses as a tool for analysis of the human soul” (The Poetics of Space. Bachelard pg. xxxvi), this piece explores the memory of past spaces. The spaces where one went to dream, to hide and to create become personalized interior spaces. They become important parts of the way we connect to, and remember, the past self. “Giving an exterior destiny to an interior being.” (Bachelard pg. 11) This piece uses sonic and physical objects that are memories of specific spaces as the source material. Then, connections between the distinctive places, (e.g. chronological, duration, importance, etc.), were used to bring the materials together. 

The dialectic between interior/exterior is enhanced through the presence of digital cigar boxes. Through a combination of sensors, transducers and microphones, the boxes hide and reveal objects connected to those spaces, manipulating and transforming their sounds.   The chamber ensemble moves between within/out, by being (dis)connected to the electronics.  The final piece weaves together a new space, shifting the position of the listener between inside / outside.

More information about the Digital Boxes: here

Commissioned and Premiered by: Adapter Ensemble, Adoption Series, Berlin 12.2017